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Sebastian & Polly


“One of the most beautiful letters I’ve ever received, it really made my day!”

Dear Captain Arnold:

“What can you say to an extraordinary individual who has the ability to take just one brief moment of our life and in doing so, create a memory that will last a lifetime.
We want to sincerely thank you for a wonderful ceremony and your words of inspiration and commitment.
Your personalized approach and sense of humor made our day all the more special.
We felt your words as they truly touched our hearts and resonated in our feelings for one another.
The words you spoke not only celebrated our union but offered valuable counsel and wisdom, which we have embraced and will continue to strive toward in our daily lives.
Our families were also deeply moved by the ceremony (they are still talking about it)! and your ability to articulate the goodness and challenges that marriage brings.
We wish you much happiness, and hope that our paths will again cross in the near future.”


Sebastian & Polly Douglas
Portchester, New York
August 15, 2004
Married on the Yacht Romantica
(USS Intrepid Pier at 46th Street, NYC)