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Andras & Andrea


“The ceremony was perfect”

Dear Captain Arnold,

Andras and I wanted to thank you for helping to make our wedding such a wonderful occasion!
It truly meant a lot to Andras and I that you, Captain Arnold, officiated our wedding.
You took the time to get to know us and as a result, the ceremony was perfect. We will always
remember the kind words you said and how comfortable you made us feel on the big day when
we were already excited and anxious.

So many people commented on how much they liked our wedding Officiant.
(And the memorable magic tricks he performed!) You helped us so much in making sure that we had all the details covered. We so appreciate everything you did. Please, confer our special thanks to the lovely Christina, your wedding coordinator who made sure that every aspect of the event was attended to. She is a true professional with exceptional attention to details.

We are happy to serve as a reference for you any time you need us to. Feel free to have people to contact us. Thank you so much again for helping to make our wedding perfect!

Andrea Shelse & Andras Szappanos