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Jim & Donna


“That day you didn’t just marry a husband and a wife, you married a family and you did so with incredible finesse”

Dear Captain Arnold,

Donna and I would like to thank you for presiding over our ceremony.

In planning our wedding on the beach, we knew that the officiant would play a key role in the success of our big day. We had read the testimonials on your website but what you delivered that day, far surpassed all of our expectations. You blended the perfect balance of tenderness, humor, wisdom and love to create a truly memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

Before we had walked out to the beach you pulled us off to the side for some last minute advice. We listened to your words and tuned out all of the distractions swirling around us. It’s amazing how the little things really made the day so much more enjoyable. Just a few soothing words settled our nerves and got us to focus on the moment at hand. When we look back at that day, we always come back to the fact that you came through for us time and time again.

We had prepared vows for our family medallion and sand ceremonies but we weren’t entirely happy with them. You suggested that we entrust it to you and that you had something suitable. As the proceedings unfolded we were amazed at how your words just wove our lives together with such grace and ease. Donna’s two daughters had a great deal of anxiety approaching the ceremony… “Where do we stand?” “What are we supposed to do?”… but you were there every step of the way to guide them in a gentle and friendly manner. We can never thank you enough for all you did that day to make it special beyond words.

As the day progressed we can’t tell you how many people stopped us and made it a point of complimenting your service. Everyone was incredibly impressed with how personal you made our ceremony. It really felt as if you had known us all of our lives. That day you didn’t just marry a husband and a wife, you married a family and you did so with incredible finesse. We’ll forever consider it an honor and privilege to have had you share our wedding day with us.


Jim & Donna Cardillo