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Josh & Nicole Preston


"You said everything we wanted you to say and much more."

Dear Grandpa,

When we decided to get married, we knew the true heart and focus for us would be the ceremony. Initially, I felt so honestly overwhelmed by so much of what we laughingly called the “wedding industrial complex” and all the unnecessary distractions and drama that wedding planning unfortunately but inevitably brings. We wanted to stay with the true meaning of the day. We wanted words that merged our two lives and brought eternal symbols and rituals to life in a solemn, but joyous way. We wanted something simple, elegant, and deeply meaningful. And that is exactly what you provided.

As a writer and teacher, I searched through many, many stacks of books trying to find the right words to pledge a lifetime to another person. You told me you had it all set and ready, and not to worry or stress. Finally, I had the faith to believe you and trust your experience and drop my intimidating task. After all, I had seen you perform ceremonies for other couples and each time was wonderful and flawless. I put my books away and left it up to you. I’m glad I did. Your ceremony is just the right balance of humorous and sentimental. It is exactly on the mark.

The funny thing is, many of the words spoken were exactly some of the things I stumbled across and loved the very most. Certain lines of poems and sayings that were exactly what I had found and underlined were weaved together with a masterful touch. It’s really as though you read our minds and found the wise words about the sacred commitment and unparalleled love marriage brings. You did all the work finding the right words so we could simply focus on the experience itself. I am so grateful for that.

You said everything we wanted you to say and much more. Your engaging, rich voice and touching sentiments brought tears of emotion to guests we know well and even to strangers witnessing the truth and beauty of your words. To listen to you speak about love is transformative and resonates with every person present. We were so touched and moved by the magic of your ceremony and so was everyone joining us in a perfect moment of connection and bliss.

We have and we will reflect back often to the meaningful words spoken and revel in the powerful and transformative ceremony you created. You helped us focus on the true purpose of the day: to connect our lives and pause to be grateful and celebrate the love that holds our families together.

Love Always,
Nicole and Josh