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John & Maria


“We are so blessed you were there for us!!!”

Hello Capt. Arnold:

I want to tell you how much we enjoyed the ceremony you performed for us, but I am afraid that my words will fall short of just how wonderful it was for us and our guests. Your words were beautiful, yet not stuffy. You kept an elegant sense of humor that delighted us and our family and friends. We feel that if we had not had you as our officiant, that we would have missed out big time. We are so blessed you were there for us!!! As we said, we could go on and on about all the details you took care of and the beauty of the ceremony, but how does one draw a magnificent painting without a brush and a canvas? We got so many compliments about you from our guests, it was like “where did you find him” “He was awesome” “His comments are so poignant, sincere, and he touched us; not just any old boring ceremony”, “this was all top notch from the moment we got to the cruise terminal”. As you can read Capt. Arnold, the comments speak for themselves, John and I will never forget you…in fact, we have you on video forever. We are so fortunate to have you bless our marriage. Thank you for being there and for being you, we couldn’t have wanted for more.

Please convey a special thank you to Tammie and the two other coordinators. Tammie kept me sane during all the proceedings at the terminal, knowing she was in control gave me a lot of comfort and eased my “bridal nerves”. She was awesome all the way. A couple of our guests want to recognize Melissa (I think that was her name). She did a special favor for one of our guests that were cruising with us and he was so extremely grateful that he kept telling everyone how terrific she was and what a great person she was in how she treated him. He wants her to get a promotion whatever that means in your world. Please make sure to convey our gratitude.

I know now why you are so well known out there, but let me tell you that you are also now very well known and loved in my inner circle.

Thank you again. John and I got lucky twice, once we met each other and then when we met you.

With sincere love and gratitude,

John and Maria Aschenbach