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Peter & Janine


“A very beautiful letter from a very beautiful couple. It made my day!”

Dear Captain,

This is written for you especially, as well as anyone who cares to read about your services, and the extreme pride and care you take in rendering them to your very grateful couples. Many people choose to go on-line and somehow hope to meet, through the chancy designs of a dating service, their “soul-mate”. Well, we were extremely lucky to have met each other, my wife and me, through spontaneous, natural occurrences. We did, however, go on-line and search for an officiant. What were we looking for exactly? And where would we find it? Who and what would our officiant be like, and what would we have to do to procure him or her? These were among the many varied questions we had dancing through our worried brains. The search started out looking not too promising. Some were unavailable on our date, while others asked us a million personal or religious-type questions. Others still wanted us to participate in a pre-cana experience! We already both did all that the first time around, you know, with the “test run marriage.” We simply wanted a loving, beautiful and spiritual ceremony, without too much “fluff,” unnecessary emphasis on our personal faiths and beliefs, or sleep-inducing rhetoric inflicted on our hungry and anxious guests, all of whom were very impressed with you, and moved by the ceremony, incidentally. You were unbelievably accommodating and perfect in every way we imagined, hoped or specified to you. The intense feelings you shared with us, proudly, of our love for each other, and for our happiness, were clearly evident. You took time, beyond what was called for, to learn about our uniqueness, our backgrounds and what we were striving to convey to each other and to our guests on our very special day. You scored victory and success on all fronts. We couldn’t be prouder or more satisfied with whom we chose (although you really made the decision a no-brainer) to perform our ceremony, and we thank you from the bottoms of our very full hearts! You are a caring, gifted man who takes great pride in and pays strict attention to detail in what you do. You also seem to joyously derive almost as much pleasure in the love and satisfaction your couples feel for each other as we do ourselves! What more could anyone ask for from their wedding officiant? Thank you so much Captain!
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Janine Ingargiola