To read some accolades of praise!


NEVER EVER just “let your fingers do the walking.” Recommendations and referrals are by far the best way to select your wedding service providers.

You can visit many beautiful and eloquent venues where you plan to have your ceremony and reception and even taste the food. You can walk into a florist and look at amazing flower arrangements.You can go hear a band play, listen to them on a recording or video, or check out a live DJ. You can look at a photographer or videographer’s work in his studio and some will be happy to come to your home. You can even select your wedding cake from a photograph.
And let’s not forget the selection of the brides wedding dress and the groom’s tuxedo. Just another process that takes place during the planning stages of your wedding day.

You can’t, however, see a wedding officiant perform a ceremony unless you attend an actual wedding. So what’s the next best thing?

It’s simple! I extend to you and your fiancé a very special invitation to read all the warm and heartfelt letters written to me by couples that have experienced my unforgettable ceremony first-hand.

This is the only way you can see why the wedding ceremony I perform
is truly beautiful and unique. My ceremony will become the most important part of your wedding day – I guarantee it!


To read some more accolades of praise that go on and on ….!


And you can expect even more! Couples and guests that have seen me perform my ceremony at several weddings keep telling me that I’m getting better with age, just like some fine wine!


“Captain Arnold was the best!”

He was a huge highlight of our secular James Bond wedding and his speech about love and devotion nearly brought everyone to tears. We would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Captain!

Jennifer & Robert Loo


“Really appreciated the depth, detail, and heart that you put into it!”

Hello Captain Arnold!

We absolutely had a blast on our first voyage as a couple! Between the fantastic wedding day and ceremony, the cruise itself, and having a week to spend with our family, it was honestly one of the best times of our lives.

Also, our family thought very highly of your ceremony. They (as well as ourselves) absolutely loved it and really appreciated the depth, detail, and heart that you put into it! I can attest that we are honored to have had you as our officiant and very appreciative of the way you led the ceremony.

In any event, we did receive your package recently in the mail and wanted to say thank you very much! We very much liked how you did up the vows and also really appreciate the photo and helpful information! We are definitely going to leave Tammi feedback as well, and would love to provide some for if we can as well!

I do hope we’ll meet again someday! In the meantime, I will definitely give Sam a big hug for you and wish you best of luck in your future endeavors! Have a great day Captain Arnold!

Sincerest Regards,
Nick & Samantha Labrecque


"Everything was beautiful and perfect and we could not ask for more"

Captain Arnold,

Thank you so very much for helping us coordinate such an amazing wedding ceremony. You have been wonderful throughout this entire process and a pleasure to work with. We have looked forward to this day for a very long time and could not ask for a better person to marry us. Please be sure to know additionally, that the staff and service was amazing and the cake was incredible! I am a lucky girl as I got to celebrate marrying the love of my life in a celebration and setting that left absolutely nothing to desire. I hope we do cross paths again! Keep doing what you do, because not only are you great at it, but the testimony of your own marriage is truly inspirational.

We are home now and getting settled in but wanted to take a moment to again say thank you so very much for performing a beautiful wedding ceremony for us. Everything was beautiful and perfect and we could not ask for more. We are honored to have had you officiate our marriage in the amazing setting surrounding us. Once the unpacking is complete we will be going to your website to add a very positive testimonial to the collection. You’re an amazing person Sir, and we are so grateful to have found you! God bless you and Thank You!!! We are blessed to have found you.

With Sincerest Thanks,
Bryan and Jaime Christensen

About the photographer you referred to us:

NEVER let him get away. He was so great. He was so professional but felt almost like a friend at the same time. He gave us an enormous amount of information about all of the sights we sailed past and cracked me up if Bryan pulled out his cell phone, because he would tell him to put it away. He’s been married for a while himself so he knows what the wife wants! He made the experience that much better. Such a nice person, just like you and all of the staff, truly from the bottom of my heart!!!

Jaime Christensen


"Our ceremony was perfect"

Dear Captain Arnold,

Thank you so much!!  Our ceremony was perfect and a lot of married friends did tell me your words made them think of their own marriage. When you did the tribute to my uncle Alexander, my aunt was so touched she cried.  The tribute and salute you did to all the military guests was beautiful and the applause you received was wonderful.

Thank you for everything!

Tina & Richard Johnson


"A simple thank you does not do your services justice!"

Dear Captain Arnold,

A simple thank you does not do your services justice!

We were incredibly thrilled with your time and attention to detail. We wanted something different and you were perfect for the nautical theme, but your ceremony stole the show. Your words were incredibly profound and true for the both of us.

Many of our guests commented on your words and how special the ceremony was!

Thank you everything – your time to answer questions, your attention to detail, and for your amazing words and sentiment.

Thank you,

Caitlin & David Collins
October 24, 2015
Molly Pitcher Inn


"Thank you for the most amazing wedding ceremony."

Dear Captain Arnold,

We have just returned from our honeymoon and wanted to email you right away to thank you for the most amazing wedding ceremony. Our friends and family are still talking about it and we are so happy with how everything went. We returned late last night and already received your beautiful package in the mail along with a separate envelope from New York with our official marriage certificate. We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony and perfect day. We can’t wait to see more pictures and video so we can relive every moment. Hope you are having a great weekend! ?

All the best,

Stephanie and Greg


"I highly recommend Captain Arnold to anyone looking for the perfect officiant."

Hi Captain Arnold,

My husband Phillip and I will like to thank Captain Arnold for an amazing ceremony. We learned about Captain Arnold because he was highly recommended by our venue. When I spoke to Captain Arnold on the phone for the first time, I knew that he had to be our officiant. Captain Arnold has a powerful and welcoming voice, which I felt is perfect for leading our wedding ceremony. Captain Arnold stayed in touch with us throughout the process and was easily reachable by email and phone. He even called us the week of the wedding to ensure we had everything we need for the ceremony. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and definitely one of my favorite parts of the wedding. The vows were beautiful and encompassed our thoughts. Captain Arnold did a great tribute to my deceased mother, which meant a great deal to my family and I. But I have to say one thing that I loved the most is that Captain Arnold’s words really resonated with Phillip. The other day, Phillip said to me “Don’t forget that Captain Arnold said never go to bed angry”. I highly recommend Captain Arnold to anyone looking for the perfect officiant.

Jessica and Philip


"We would highly recommend him to anyone!"

Captain Arnold married us on September 19, 2015 at Chateau La Mer. We would highly recommend him to anyone! The ceremony was beautiful from the vows to the remembrance of loved ones, the rose ceremony for our Mothers and the sand ceremony to include my step daughter which united us a family. It was such a special and touching ceremony and we are still hearing from our guests raving about how much they enjoyed the ceremony!

Thank you Captain Arnold for making our perfect day a memorable one!!

Anthony and Dana Tammaro


"You made my wedding so very special."

Dear Captain Arnold & Sheila,

Thank you so much for everything. You made my wedding so very special.
I also wanted to thank you for the picture and my vows.
As soon as I get my pics back I’ll send you one!
Thank you so much,

Steven & Carrie



"Memories that will last a Lifetime!"

Thank you for sharing in Our Special Day with Love & Laughter and given us Memories that will last a Lifetime! Wow, what a day we had. Thank you for presiding over our wedding and making an impression with you kind words.
Happily Ever After

Lynn & Christos


"Thank you for the wonderful celebration"


Thank you for the wonderful celebration that we’ve experienced with you!!! We are really grateful that you’ve gave tribute to our family members that can no longer be with us to celebrate. Till next time Captain, hopefully when we see you again it will be at one of my friends’ wedding!

Myluck & Arnel Duque


“Captain Arnold, You are a star!"

Captain Arnold,

You are a star! We enjoyed and listened to your ceremony and to its rich themes of love, life, commitment, understanding; a blueprint of how lives are bettered.

Our guests raved to us how they thought it was the best and important Ceremony they ever attended.

We are grateful. A magnificent start to a happy married life.

Kathy & Andy
IL Classico, June 14, 2015

Andrew then said…
Review of Captain Arnold’s Wedding Service It is with pleasure that Kathy and I write this review of Captain Arnold, who officiated at our wedding on June 14th if this year. We had been guests at another couple’s wedding aboard a cruise ship docked at a Hudson River pier in June, 2014 and knew we wanted Captain Arnold to marry us. We wrote the following thank-you note to Captain Arnold. It really “says it all” and we recommend anyone to visit Captain Arnold’s website ‘’ to learn more. His ceremony can be at almost any location and you and your guests will surely remember it. “Captain Arnold, You are a star! We enjoyed and listened to your ceremony and to its rich themes of love, life, commitment, understanding; a blueprint of how lives are bettered. Our guests raved to us how they thought it was the best and important Ceremony they ever attended. We are grateful. A magnificent start to a happy married life. Kathy & Andy” We’ll add that each of is 70 years old, that we married after meeting each other many years after our spouses had passed away. So our guests–family and friends–spanned all generations and all remarked how they enjoyed and learned from Captain Arnold. That, too, meant much to us.


"My day was filled with Magic"

Dear Capt Arnold ,

OMG ! Thank you sooo MUCH for making our Wedding Day THE MOST PERFECT Hot Pink and White Candy-Themed Yacht Wedding Even BETTER than I could have EVER imagined !! Every single detail was beyond perfect and the staff and wedding coordinator, Christina handled the wedding and my family so gracefully and perfect down to a tee !

My day was filled with Magic, Romance, fun , hot pink, candy . love , events , my perfect music , happiness and EVERYTHING just the way I wanted it to be!! ALL of our family on BOTH sides said it was the BEST WEDDING they have EVER been to ! Capt Arnold included my Daddy and other loved ones who is now in heaven during a memorial, did a rose ceremony for the Moms, a sand ceremony for us and MORE ! I can’t say enough about how magical and fun this day was from my hot pink rose taffeta aisle runner to the dances with the parents and my first dance with my love of my life , my *New* Husband, Chris Mantiera, it was the Best and most MEMORABLE day of my life !!



"We are proud to say our wedding was absolutely perfect."

Dear Captain Arnold,

It has taken us a while to write this letter, but we could not go on without expressing our immense gratitude to you and the Skyline Princess crew.

Everything that was said in our agreement was completed flawlessly throughout the wedding. Our guests, family members and we enjoyed the most lovely and exclusive ceremony ever. The cake was marvelous and delicious. The crew had a pleasant manner at all times. My bouquet was gorgeous, and every single detail of the wedding was better than we’d dreamed of.

All the nervous tension I was feeling, went away when I got to the ship and realized you had everything under control.

We would also like to express our appreciation to Allison. I was almost in tears when I got the Skyline 2 hours late and without my wedding gown! Allison took the time to calm me down with her comfort words and a scotch on the rocks! She is definitely the greatest personal coordinator in the world! Everything I’d ever dreamed of about how my wedding would be was possible thanks to you. We are proud to say our wedding was absolutely perfect. And I can assure you that everyone that shared this special day with us feels the same way.

Lastly, we wanted to let you know that you were and always will be a very important person in our lives. Your name is even in our wedding certificate! I hope one day we will see each other again, perhaps for our first Anniversary? Who knows?

With sincere love,

Alfie and Milennath

P.S. We loved the package you sent us. It was the very first wedding picture we received.


Dear Captain Arnold,

We knew years ago we wanted the honor in having you unite us in marriage. Thank you for fulfilling our wish and making our day special!

Justin & karen


"My grandmother adores you"

Dearest Captain Arnold,

My grandmother adores you. 5 minutes after meeting you I was already laughing at your wit and jokes. Spending time with you during the tour of the Norwegian Gem just made me even more excited for the wedding day to actually arrive. You are a real piece of work. I did not expect to laugh during my wedding ceremony and the guests had no idea what they were in for.

Alex and I thank you very much for performing such a lovely ceremony for us and making things special and memorable.

Thank you for the well wishes and we hope that you continue to spread joy during your wonderful ceremonies. Your wife is lucky to have you.

Best regards,
Alex and Cheena Cordero

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