To read some accolades of praise!


NEVER EVER just “let your fingers do the walking.” Recommendations and referrals are by far the best way to select your wedding service providers.

You can visit many beautiful and eloquent venues where you plan to have your ceremony and reception and even taste the food. You can walk into a florist and look at amazing flower arrangements.You can go hear a band play, listen to them on a recording or video, or check out a live DJ. You can look at a photographer or videographer’s work in his studio and some will be happy to come to your home. You can even select your wedding cake from a photograph.
And let’s not forget the selection of the brides wedding dress and the groom’s tuxedo. Just another process that takes place during the planning stages of your wedding day.

You can’t, however, see a wedding officiant perform a ceremony unless you attend an actual wedding. So what’s the next best thing?

It’s simple! I extend to you and your fiancé a very special invitation to read all the warm and heartfelt letters written to me by couples that have experienced my unforgettable ceremony first-hand.

This is the only way you can see why the wedding ceremony I perform
is truly beautiful and unique. My ceremony will become the most important part of your wedding day – I guarantee it!


To read some more accolades of praise that go on and on ….!


And you can expect even more! Couples and guests that have seen me perform my ceremony at several weddings keep telling me that I’m getting better with age, just like some fine wine!


"You were unbelievably accommodating, and perfect in every way we imagined, hoped or specified to you."

Dear Captain,
This is written for you especially, as well as anyone who cares to read about your services, and the extreme pride and care you take in rendering them to your very grateful couples.  Many people choose to go on-line and somehow hope to meet, through the chance designs of a dating service, their “soul-mate”.  Well, we were extremely lucky to have met each other, my wife and me, through spontaneous, natural occurrences.  We did, however, go on-line and search for an officiant.  What were we looking for exactly?  And where would we find it?  Who and what would our officiant be like, and what would we have to do to procure him or her?  These were among the many varied questions we had dancing through our worried brains.  The search started out looking not too promising.  Some were unavailable on our date, while others asked us a million personal or religious-type questions.  Others still wanted us to participate in a pre-canna experience!  We already both did all that the first time around, you know, with the “test run marriage.”  We simply wanted a loving, beautiful and spiritual ceremony, without too much “fluff,” unnecessary emphasis on our personal faiths and beliefs, or sleep-inducing rhetoric inflicted on our hungry and anxious guests, all of whom were very impressed with you, and moved by the ceremony, incidentally.  You were unbelievably accommodating and perfect in every way we imagined, hoped or specified to you.  The intense feelings you shared with us, proudly, of our love for each other, and for our happiness, were clearly evident.  You took time, beyond what was called for, to learn about our uniqueness, our backgrounds and what we were striving to convey to each other and to our guests on our very special day.  You scored victory and success on all fronts.  We couldn’t be prouder or more satisfied with whom we chose (although you really made the decision a no-brainer) to perform our ceremony, and we thank you from the bottoms of our very full hearts!  You are a caring, gifted man who takes great pride in and pays strict attention to detail in what you do.  You also seem to joyously derive almost as much pleasure in the love and satisfaction your couples feel for each other as we do ourselves!  What more could anyone ask for from their wedding officiant?  Thank you so much, Captain!
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Janine Ingargiola


"The wording you chose was very beautiful…truly an experience we’ll never forget!"

Dear Captain Arnold,
I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful ceremony. We loved everything about it and we have received many compliments from our friends and families. The wording you chose was very beautiful…truly an experience we’ll never forget!
We would definitely recommend your services to anyone getting married!
Thanks again!
John & Jennifer


"The vows you chose were beautifully written and reflected the love Michael and I have for one another."

Dear Captain Arnold,
Michael and I would like to extend our gratitude for the beautiful ceremony you performed at our wedding. From the moment we met you at the diner in Freeport, we felt at ease. The vows you chose were beautifully written and reflected the love Michael and I have for one another. Many of our guests have positively commented on the ceremony you performed.

Thank you again for adding to our wedding day.

With best regards,
Michael & Dayna Badillo


"Your professionalism and friendly disposition far exceeded my expectations."

Dear Captain Arnold,

Our wedding day was truly a magical experience and most of that we owe to you. The ceremony was poetic and incredibly touching. In addition to your moving words of wisdom, I was greatly appreciative of how you helped ease my husband’s anxiety. You also were such a tremendous help in getting us organized in the days leading up to our big day. Your professionalism and friendly disposition far exceeded my expectations. Next, to finding Tommy, I feel so fortunate to have found you to commemorate our love for one another.

With sincere gratitude,
Mrs. Danielle Bello and Mr. Thomas Polanish


"with you performing the blessing it was like having an old friend with us."

Renewed their vows after 10 years
(At the “Pond” in Beautiful Central Park, NYC)

Luncheon at the Plaza

(Note: *Sarah never knew that her husband Mike was planning to bring her to New York, let alone arrange to renew their vows in Central Park. When he introduced her to me in the Sheraton Hotel where they were staying, it was a total surprise to her! And at the last moment, he even had her go out and purchase a gown for the occasion. Whew! Now that’s what I call a surprise!)

It was a fantastic holiday with some great memories that we will never forget. Each time *Sarah or I tell a friend what we did, we just receive gasps at the romantic nature of the events I planned. Our friends and family were fascinated by the blessing that you carried out. It was a pleasure for both Sarah and I to have met you and spend several hours in your company. Although it was just the two of us there, with you performing the blessing it was like having an old friend with us. We hope that you also have fond memories of the occasion and we both wish you well with your future book. I will email Donna from GettingMarried.Com and let her know what an excellent job you did for us. We have been to your website and really enjoyed seeing ourselves on there.”
Thank you again from both of us. Take care and till next time.
Mike and Sarah


"you made our ceremony very special and your words touched everybody there."

This couple lost their wedding rings just before the ceremony so we had to improvise.” Lady luck was with them as they found the rings several days later.

Captain Arnold
Kerry and I want to let you know that you made our ceremony very special and your words touched everybody there. My father was very moved and Kerry and I were very pleased and we like to thank you for making our day so great.
P.S. We found the rings in my shoe.

Thank You
John O’Connor


Rave reviews all the way from Paris
International Institute for Educational Planning

Dear Captain Arnold,

It’s been two months since we got married in New York City. Now, living in Paris, we look back to this special day with joy and happiness. Our wedding celebration was so special and precious to us. We remember the first meetings with you when we talked about how important the ceremony was to us. Your warmth from the very beginning and your caring personality made us realized that we had made the perfect choice in you.

All your words had a great impact not only on us but also on our guests. You conducted the ceremony with a masterful combination of poetic style, talented wordings, loving metaphors and joyous wishes for our union. All this captivated everyone’s attention, moved us in each one of the moments. The humorous parts were amusing and enjoyable too.

We have placed the vows that you generously presented us with, in a very special place in our home in Paris. We treasure our ceremony and know that you really made it special.

We wish you happiness, good health and success. Hopefully, you will continue making other couple’s unions as special and wonderful as you did with ours.

With our most sincere appreciation,

Joyce and Enrique Martinez

7-9, rue Eugène-Delacroix, 75116 Paris, France
International Tel: (33) – Fax: (33) – National Tel:




"it was indeed a wedding ceremony that all of our guests will remember."

Thank you, Captain, for helping to make our wedding day on board the “Romantica” so special. The words and vows you chose for us were so beautiful, it was indeed a wedding ceremony that all of our guests will remember.



"Your words not only brought tears of joy but also touched everyone at our wedding.”

“The ceremony you performed at our wedding was absolutely beautiful. Your words not only brought tears of joy but also touched everyone at our wedding.”


"You delivered exactly what you promised. You shine every time We open a door!"

Dear Captain Arnold,

Jess and I would like to thank you for a job well done! You delivered exactly what you promised. The ceremony was caring, loving, sentimental and even light-hearted. Yet, the entire time was marked by your professionalism and your ability to keep our guests’ attention. Everyone at the wedding commented on the freshness and originality of your demeanor.

From the planning stages to execution, your ideas and your help was graciously accepted and thoroughly appreciated. We are honored that you shared our special day with us.

I have already recommended you to many friends and family members, and have done so with the utmost confidence in your abilities.

You shine every time We open a door!


Tony & Jess Chiesa

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