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Gary Hammock & Anthony Gervais

Gary Hammock & Anthony Gervais

FROM: Seatle, WA

Married at the “Ladies Pavilion” (Central Park, New York City, NY)


Overall, in the 15 years of trips we’ve taken (that have included places such as Paris, Buenos Aires, Taipei, Hong Kong), this trip to NYC was one of the best trips we’ve ever had, for many reasons.

As for your service:
We’ve had numerous comments from our friends who came to New York… they say a couple of things: Gary and I looked amazing in our suits… and you did a GREAT service! They (and we, for that matter) liked what you said (as we gave you really not much input, we left it up to you), they liked your humor. Ande caught us (and our guests in the background) laughing at several times during the service. You were as much a smash success as we were! We didn’t have much to go on when we chose you from your webpage other than what you said about yourself… we trusted you and you did not disappoint us! Your choice of photographer, Ande, was great, her photos are really very nice. I guess you don’t expect much in the way of ‘repeat business’ but if we knew of anyone going to New York to get married we’d direct them your way! Thanks!!

Tony & Gary