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Michael & Amber Canaan

Michael & Amber Canaan

FROM: Morrisville, North Carolina

Married aboard the Motor Yacht “Skyline Princess” (World’s Fair Marina, Flushing, New York)

Hi Captain!

Sorry for taking a month to finally email you; it actually took that long to get settled back in to our new life together! We appreciate the wonderful ceremony you gave us and for taking care of everything so that we had a peaceful, stress free wedding. We’ve received your package and we thank you for that as well; we’d never considered how significant it would be to look at our actual vows in print.

The following is a paragraph Amber wrote that you can feel free to use on your website: I knew the minute we decided to have our wedding onboard the Skyline Princess, that we were in for a memorable wedding. I had no idea though how wonderful and memorable it would turn out to be! Mike and I had a lot of roadblocks to get through in our relationship, with our families, and with planning our wedding. There were a lot of times leading up to the wedding when I didn’t know how it would all work out.

However, our wedding day was absolutely PERFECT! It was a thousand times better than anything I had pictured in my mind, and not one thing went wrong! The ship was magnificent, the crew treated us like royalty, and Captain Arnold, your words were magic! Although we didn’t have any guests with us, we felt at home and among family on the Skyline Princess. The guests on the ship were so warm and friendly to us that we didn’t really even miss the fact that our families weren’t there! I look back at all our pictures with wonderful memories, July 27, 2006 was the best day of my life!

We plan on returning for a dinner cruise on the skyline princess each year to celebrate our anniversary! Thank you so much for our wonderful ceremony and for making our wedding day absolute perfection! I was going to add something, but she said it all! This occasion really meant a lot to us, and we’re so glad that we entrusted you with it. I’ve enclosed one of the fantastic pics Mimi took. Feel free to throw that up on the website too; it’s a great shot! I’ll send more in a few.

Mimi, thanks so much for being a wonderful help to Amber the whole time.. and thank you for these great shots. We wouldn’t have been able show people all of the great moments we enjoyed if you hadn’t been there. I hope we get to see you again when we come up next summer to dine with the Captain! The both of you will always be in our hearts!!

A million thanks!!
Mike C.