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Pierrre & Samantha Bellavia

Pierrre & Samantha Bellavia

FROM: Villeneuve-Loubet, France

Married Aboard the Motor Yacht “Skyline Princess” (World’s Fair Marina, Pier One, Flushing, NY)

Dear Captain Arnold,

Thank you for your e-mail with our vows attached. What a special keepsake to have as we cherish this momentous event, 10 years in the making, for our whole life. And we thank you for your singular role in making it possible for that “life” to be one life together.

I have to say that our guests are still commenting on how your sincere and heartfelt words were one of the highlights of the ceremony. Couples who have been married 30 & 40 years attested to the beauty and wisdom of your sermon. Younger friends of ours, who have yet to make such a commitment, were moved by the promise of equality, respect and admiration that you incorporated into the unique vows that you created for couples like us to exchange. The themes that you focused on rang true in my heart and mind as I thought back on the decade long adventure I’ve shared with my husband and the future that lies ahead of us. I knew the same was true for him each time he’d squeeze my hand or give me a look as you spoke to us. Thank you for making it such a personalized and genuine experience for us and our family and friends.

On a more practical note, I also appreciate the ease and simplicity in acquiring your services for the day. You are well organized, reliable & professional, which for a busy bride is a very important, because I never once was stressed about this aspect of the planning. You were excellent about contacting me, giving me advanced notice on deadlines and helping me prepare the program for the ceremony.

If you ever make it to the south of France, please look us up.

Samantha Bellavia