Rose Ceremony

In this beautiful and touching ceremony, the mothers are given roses as tokens of the bride and groom’s love for family. This is often kept a secret from the family until the roses are presented.

rose_momMarriage is the coming together of two lives, and a celebration of the love of two people. But it is much more. The love that you both feel for one another is the flowering of a seed your mothers planted in your hearts many years ago. When you were first born, you were a bundle of diapers and tears, and your mothers lost sleep caring for you. Their love for you has brought them great happiness and great challenges, and their love did not diminish as they met these challenges. That is the great lesson you can bring into your marriage. As you embrace one another in your love, so do you embrace the families which have been brought together on this happy occasion. As a token of your gratitude to your families, these symbols of eternal love, these roses, are presented to your mothers. (Both bride and groom can present the roses to each mother together, also offering the mothers kisses and hugs).

If you decide that you would like to have this ceremony performed, please advise Captain Arnold. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact him.

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