This is a subject that I am often asked about.

A wedding program provides your guests with a detailed explanation of the events to come.

It is also a lovely keepsake for your friends and family. Programs can be inexpensively printed at your local quick print shop or from your computer. Is it absolutely necessary? Of course not, but it is a “nice” memento that your guests will take home with them.

The wedding program is to a wedding ceremony what a playbill is to a Broadway show. In a similar manner, the program outlines the “scenes” of the “show” (the ceremony) alongside a brief introduction to the “cast members” (your bridal party). Your wedding program can also introduce your guests to special ethnic and/or religious customs as well as certain symbolic acts that you may wish to introduce during the ceremony. And finally, a wedding program also affords you the opportunity to say thanks to family and friends and to pay tribute to those loved ones that can not be with you on this very special day.

Strangely enough, many people worry more about planning the reception than they do the ceremony. However, the ceremony is the “heart” of the whole event. It is the ceremony where two individuals are married into one. It is the ceremony that marks the beginning of a new life together. It is the ceremony that is truly the “main event.” Need I say more?

I have created a “sample” program that you can use if you wish to have a wedding program for your wedding. The names shown of course are fictitious and can be replaced with those names that apply to your wedding. In addition, you can delete any or all of the “religious and symbolic acts” that are shown such as, The Drinking of the Wine, The Lighting of the Unity Candle, and the Breaking of the Wine Glass if you are not going to use them. Remember, this is a “sample” program and can be modified and changed to meet your needs accordingly.

And finally, your program should be printed at the last minute to allow for program and other changes to be included in the text. However, have a rough draft typed up a few weeks prior to the wedding to allow for proofing. That way, you will only need to scrutinize the added text rather than the whole program. Make sure to verify a reasonable time schedule with your printer so your programs are ready when you need them. Also order some extras for keepsakes as well as to mail to people who could not attend.

In the “sample” shown, I have listed six (6) pages, in a booklet type format. Pages are 5.5X8.5 inches. A standard 8.5X11″ sheet folded in half on a nice “rich looking” paper purchased at your local stationary store will do very nicely.

Title Page
The front cover should be simple,displaying the name of the bride and groom with the date and location of the wedding. A simple graphic or photo can also be added.

Thank You Page
On this page should be a special thank you message by the bride and groom to their parents, family, friends and guests for witnessing this special day.

The Ceremony Page
This page has the “heart” of the wedding program. It shows the order of events throughout the ceremony, the songs that are played and shows those ethnic and/or religious customs and symbolic acts that you may decide to use.

Bridal Party Page
On this page you will introduce your parents, the entire bridal party, any honor attendants and the ceremony officiant.

The Tribute Page
This page is used to pay tribute to those loved ones, living or deceased, that could not attend. The wording on this page can be modified to fit the situation.

The Back Cover
A nice quote or poem with a graphic can be on the back cover.

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