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Truly a Dream Come True!

THE COUPLE NAMES Vincent & Melissa Mangar
GUEST NAME Mother of the Bride
WEDDING LOCATION Married on the Skyline Princess

Dear Captain Arnold and crew:

I am in writing you this to thank you all for your participation in making my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding truly a dream come true.

I have never been to a wedding nor heard of a wedding in which the Bride and Groom, family and friends have expressed to me how wonderful a time they had. Your set up of the wedding chapel was very nice and my daughter looked stunning walking down the aisle. I loved it when you told Vincent to go get his bride! The ceremony was very well done.

As far as the reception, you and your crew did an outrageous job in decorating with my daughter’s colors, red and white along with the food and cake, it was all superb! My sincere thanks go out to your bridal coordinator Allison as well. She was right there making sure the bride and groom were guided into each event and she took care of my needs as well. She was fabulous.

The excitement of the wedding and the cruise along the New York skyline and seeing the wonderful Statue of Liberty just put this wedding over the top. I have been talking about my daughter’s wedding since her special day and I would highly recommend the Skyline Princess Cruise Line.

Joanne Mars
Mother of the Bride
Wedding on 2/13/10