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Beautiful, Bashful, and Boy, What A Wedding!


A few months before my own wedding, I flew to New York for an old friend’s wedding. Seeing that I had recently been engaged and most of my friends are getting married at this time, my eyes were wide open to any details that I thought I would want for my own wedding. I absolutely fell in love with this specific wedding, done by Captain Arnold and his team! My husband and I were amazed by how organized and elegant the whole ceremony went. My (now) husband, and I, were already planning to get married in New York since marriage equality is legal there. I was very pleased that Captain Arnold was more than happy to work with us for our special day, especially since, in the past, I’d been introduced to a few officiants who were quite put off that we were two men getting married. The wedding day itself was absolutely stunning and Captain Arnold really got to know us and had my husband and I blushing at the alter with his beautiful words about us each. I’m more than satisfied with how the day went, and would really recommend him and his services to anyone I know!