My wife and I would like to thank Captain Arnold again and again for the beautiful, touching, happy and amazing ceremony! Captain Arnold is the best! We had a great time with him, with our families and friends. And if you don’t believe in super powers, now it’s time to change your mind. In fact Captain Arnold was able to do the magic: he turned the awful, cold, rainy and grey New York weather into an stunning, sunny, mild and perfect day for our wedding! He officiated our ceremony at the Ladies’ Pavilion in Central Park, right in front of the lake, in a lovely, relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Like only an experienced and sure Captain can do, he accompanied the bride, the groom, our families and all our guests through a magic journey, with solemn, inspiring, touching and even funny words — because Love also needs cheerfulness. We are now married and so happy for the unique moment Captain Arnold was able to give us. We will never forget this ‘magic day’.

Thank you Captain Arnold, you are simply the best!

Isabella & Matteo