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Coury & Nicole


“You offered us everything we wanted and more!”

Dear Captain Arnold,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything that you’ve done for us to provide us with our perfect wedding!

Having a big wedding wasn’t something that we were really interested in. We looked into many different ideas, but it is extremely difficult to find something accommodating for just to the two of us but at the same time still feel special and unique. When we came across your website we couldn’t have been more excited!

You offered us everything we wanted and more, and New York City is our favorite city, so it truly couldn’t have been more perfect!

We still can’t believe how easy and smooth the entire process was! Thanks to you, we never stressed about one single detail! You were always available to answer any questions, and you offered us many wonderful suggestions to make our wedding day more personal and special.

When the day finally came, we were SO excited! Everything went perfectly! Your ceremony was beautiful, and your words of love were truly touching. We will remember them for the rest of our lives. We are so happy that we did the sand ceremony. We put the vase on our mantle, in our home, and it will always be a reminder of our love, new lives together, and of course our wedding day!

Both you and the staff on the Princess Cruise Ship made sure that we had everything we needed so that we had the best night ever! And for that, we are truly grateful! We wouldn’t have changed a single thing.

Thank you again, Captain Arnold, for making our wedding day one of the best days of our lives!


Coury and Nicole Badnell