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Judi & Wil


“You still managed to make us feel like the only two people in the world at that moment…”

Dear Captain Arnold,

Please accept my apology that we have not reached out sooner to extend our gratitude for the beautiful wedding ceremony you conducted for Wil and I on June 25th, 2016.  The past 7 weeks have been quite the whirlwind between adjusting to married life and honeymooning in Mexico =)

As you may recall, Wil and I are high school sweethearts and have been together for 16 years now- literally half of our lives- therefore we did not take the decision of who would be Officiating our wedding lightly!  Once we watched some of the videos and testimonials on your website (www.nauticalweddingbells.com), we knew we had found our man.

From the attention to detail you demonstrated, to making yourself available in the event we had any questions- no matter how silly- we were confident from the get-go that we had gotten it right.  And then the BIG DAY came, and we couldn’t have been more touched by the ceremony.  Despite doing this for the umpteenth time (I cannot recall what number ceremony this actually was for you!), you still managed to make us feel like the only two people in the world at that moment.  Wil and I both remarked afterward how we hung on every word, trying to take it all in, while also appreciating the comic relief you provided to keep our guests entertained. And then a few days afterward we were astounded to receive 2 of your personal photographs from the wedding and a lovely congratulatory letter in the mail- talk about five-star service!

In summation, we are forever grateful to you for making our most special day more memorable than we could have ever imagined…and as stress-free as possible! Thanks again for your professionalism; you have truly found your calling in life.

Sincerely Yours,
Judi & Wil Fleming